The Golden Spice Difference
  • Elite Growers

    GSI is able to offer our clients a superior product because we control every step in the supply line, from growing through processing. To ensure that quality always comes first, we guide our suppliers to produce raw material that meet our stringent quality standards and specifications. Our elite network of growers, spanning throughout Madagascar and the greater Indian Ocean Region, is recognized not only for their quality, but also for their consistency.

  • Narrowing the divide between producers and consumers.

    GSI is proud to offer a wide selection of products and services to our North American clients through our direct to the manufacturer approach. Our client network receives the combined benefit of sourcing directly from the producers and eliminating costly intermediary, all without all the inconveniences and exposure of conducting business halfway around the world. By facilitating communication, business relations and transactions, logistics, and banking with reliability and accountability, GSI clients receive all of the benefits and none of the risks.

  • Quality assurance procedures and customer service at Golden Spice are unsurpassed.

    The credit goes to our professional staff. Dedicated to empowering you with vital information, they will answer all of your questions, including the ones you may not have asked. All relevant paperwork are kept up-to-date, surpassing demanding corporate quality control standards. We serve customer needs from small oders to container loads.

  • Experienced, reliable, responsive.

    GSI is delighted to fulfill your requirements for the finest ingredients on our planet. You can find confidence in our vast distribution network and experience.

Our clients include the following industries

Food & Aroma Industry

Cosmetic & Fragrance Industry

Pharmaceutics & Para Pharmaceutical Industry

Aromatherapy, Physical Therapy Industries

The Environment
At GSI, we understand that the well-being of our activities depends on the protection of Madagascar's unique ecosystem.

Golden Spice International (GSI) supports a vision of environmental protection and localized development of 3rd world populations. All of our raw materials are grown naturally, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. All harvesting in the wild is done under the scrutiny of sustainable harvesting to ensure that the source of the material is not damaged in the process. We help farmers sustain their indigenous way of life by empowering them to earn a living wage through alternative farming. Today, GSI works with a network of 50 families throughout Madagascar that run their own farms.

Through education and support, we strive to enable the local indigenous population to sustain the economies and environmental systems that support their communities. GSI has undertaken a progressive education program to teach the local population about sustainable harvesting, and how they can benefit from the environment. We educate the community about environmental conservation and farm management, sharing our environmentally-friendly techniques to help enhance their livelihoods, prolong their resources, and do our part to sustain the planet.