GSI is a wholesaler, grower and manufacturer, offering only the finest pure and organic essential oils. All of our Madagascar essential oils are certified Kosher.

Our Essential Oils

Common Name: Botanical name: Note
Cinnamon Bark - Type 1 Cinnamomum zeylanicum Contains a minimum of 50% of Cinnamaldehyde.
Cinnamon Bark - Type 2 Cinnamomum zeylanicum Contains 60-75% of Cinnamaldehyde.
Cinnamon Leaf Cinnamomum zeylanicum A unique product distilled from fresh cinnamon leaves and twigs, very floral aroma, golden color.
Cinnamosma Fragrans Cinnamosma fragrans mandravasorata An analgesic oil with Aniseed odor.
Clove Bud - Type 1 Eugenia cariophyllata An excellent product with 10-11% Eugenyl Acetate.
Clove Bud - Type 2 Eugenia cariophyllata Also called Clove Bud Extra. This oil contains 12-15% Eugenyl Acetate.
Clove Stem Eugenia cariophyllata An attractively priced product with excellent aroma.
Clove Leaf - Redistilled Eugenia cariophyllata This oil is light yellow and clear unlike the black clove leaf oil that is generally exported from Madagascar.
Combava - Petit Grain Citrus hystryx Petit Grain, a variety of small lemons composed of citronella and linalool
Cypress Cypressus lusitanicus This woody oil is often used to support the respiratory and circulatory system.
Eucalyptus Cltriodora - Type 1 Eucalyptus citriodora Contains 53-76% Citronellal
Eucalyptus Citriodora - Type 2 Eucalyptus citriodora A very high Citronellal content, with over 85% Citronellal
Ecalyptus Globulus Eucalyptus globulus Contains a minimum of 58% 1.8 Cineol
Eucalyptus Robusta Eucalyptus robusta
Eucalyptus Radiata Eucalyptus Radiata
Geranium Bourbon Pelargonium x asperum roseum Contains 4-10% Bourbon specific Guaidiene 6.9 ; Cis-geraniol content 10-19%
Ginger Fresh Zinger Officinalis
Helichrysum Bracteiferum Helichrysum Bracteiferum - male An excellent skin care oil with a uniquely refreshing floral aroma.
Helichrysum Faradifani Helichrysum faradifani alibalala An attractively priced alternative to Helichrysum Gymnocephalum.
Helichrysum Gymnocephalum Helichrysum gymnocephalum - female Contains 60-70% 1.8 Cineole
Katrafay Cedrelopsis grevei One of the most potent natural antibiotics
Lantana Camara Lantana camara A specialty product used in up market perfumery.
Lemon Grass Cymbopogon citratus (AKA: Andropogon citratus) A fresh lemony sweet, revitalizing oil.
Longoza - Type 1 Aframomum augustifolium
Longoza - Type 2 Hedychium coronarium
Niaouli - Type 1 Melaleuca quinquenervia Contains + 60% 1.8 Cineol
Niaouli - Type 2 Melaleuca quinquenervia Contains + 6% Viridiflorol
Palmarosa Cymbopogon martnii Sometimes used as a substitute for Geranium.
Pepper Black Piper Nigrum A very high grade oil that is naturally turquoise blue.
Pine Green Piper Nigrum A unique product distilled from freshly picked pepper, almost translucent, much more floral aroma than black pepper.
Pine Needle Pinus keysia Our pine oil contains an excellent level of beta-phellandrene
Pine Sapwood Pinus keysia This sapwood oil is extremely aromatic
Psidia Altissima Psidia altissima-dingandingana
Ravensara Aromatica Ravensara aromatica leaf high in Sabinene & Limonene, low in Methylchavicol & Methyleugenol.
Ravintsara Anisata Ravensara anisata bark Same plant as R. Aromatica, but distilled from its bark. Unique to Madagascar.
Ravintsara Camphora Cinnamomum camphora A product unique to Madagascar with considerable medical virtues
Tagetes Minuta Tagetes minuta
Vetiver Fresh Vetivera zinanoides A unique vetiver oil of very high grade
Ylang Ylang Extra Cananga odorata Simply the best Ylang Ylang in the world.
Ylang Ylang 1 Cananga odorata Generally considered as the best grade
Ylang Ylang 2 Cananga odorata An attractively priced alternative to first grade
Ylang Ylang 3 Cananga odorata Less floral than the above but still has strong aroma
Ylang Ylang Complete Cananga odorata This oil has not been fractionated into different grades.

Cold Pressed Oils

Foraha - Filtered Calophyllum inophyllum A unique oil for skin care with anti-aging properties
Foraha - Unfiltered Calophyllum inophyllum A unique oil for skin care with anti-aging properties